Support Your Local Author (not your distant corporate publisher)

Kindling Press
Once upon a time, a group of authors wondered why traditional publishers were necessary in a world of e-publishing.
Turns out: they aren't.
Welcome to Kindling Press!  We believe the reading public wants something different: to support local, independent writers; to be engaged by rapid-release, relevant-now ebooks; and to pay far more reasonable prices for their books, while at the same time giving more compensation to the author - not to some distant, multinational corporate publisher.
Our solution is to bring our writing straight to our readers, with no middle-man markup.  With ebooks from Kindling Press you can buy from directly our authors, paying a far more reasonable price than the inflated retail price, and yet still giving the artists far more than they would receive on an equivalent sale from a traditional publisher.
It's about choices.  We want more of them, and we think you do too.
So think about it!  If a five-minute song on iTunes is 99 cents and a latte that you will drink in twenty minutes costs you almost five dollars, think about how much you would prefer to pay for quality writing you can enjoy again and again. Beyond that, think about where you want your ebook dollars to go. We hope you will choose real authors who give you really good books, really fast, at really good prices. 
Thanks for reading.
Peter A. Smalley
Kindling Press